The European Continuous Casting Conference has become an established event in the conferences of the iron and steel producing industry. First held in Florence in 1991, it is still held regularly every 3 or 4 years. In 1994 in Düsseldorf, 1998 in Madrid, 2002 Birmingham, 2005 Nice, 2008 Riccione, 2011 again Düsseldorf, 2014 in Graz, 2017 in Vienna and for the last time 2021 in Bari, Italy. The upcoming 11th European Continuous Casting Conference from 7 to 10 October 2024 in Essen will be organized by the Steel Institute VDEh.

Key Topics

  • Plant Operational Practices, Results and Maintenance
  • Plant Construction and Design, new CC Plants
  • Metallurgy and Flow Control in Tundish
  • Fluid Flow in the Mould, Lubrication and Solidification
  • Product Quality Control and Detection of Surface Defects
  • Electromagnetic Stirring in the Mould and in the partly solidified Strand
  • Soft Reduction
  • Cooling Technologies
  • Near Net Shape Casting
  • Controlling Systems / Modelling and Simulation / Industry 4.0